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Challenge coin is a time-tested tradition! If you have been on peacekeeping missions, performing coalition missions, taking part in international exercises, studying in foreign military establishments, or simply cooperating with foreign arms partners, then you are familiar with Challenge Coin.

What is Challenge Coin?

These coins are a kind of presentation from a small unit to the offices of senior security sector executives such as the Secretary of Defense. There are also coins for special events, anniversaries and even non-military leaders. A large number of active military and veterans proudly store coins on desktops or at home. Thus demonstrating their participation in the missions - on which they were, the units - in which they served or had the honor of performing the tasks together and of the leaders - whom they met.

Traditionally, such coins are given to commanders or dignitaries, such as the Honors Society. Typically, coin donation is made at the time of the hand and is handed over from the commander's palm.

The veteran brand Alex Tymanov Group begins this tradition in Ukraine. Our team already produces custom coins of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other units of the security sector, which become symbols of courage and unbrokenness of personnel.

Challenge coin is the history of your unit etched in metal!


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